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Why Should I Join TranquilMe

  • We pay 3 times the industry average. You have to work less hours to make the same money and work the same hours to make more money.
  • You set your own schedule.
  • We care about your safety as much as you do. Safety breeds freedom and comfort.
  • You earn extra commission on each upsell you make.
  • Transparency is policy. Loyalty works through honesty. You know what we know.

requirements needed.

  • Current massage therapist license, massage school credentials, driver's license, liabilityinsurance, and auto insurance.
  • Ability to perform 2 of 7 massage varieties: Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai, Pre-Natal,Reflexology, and Sports massage.
  • Customer service skills: you treat people with the same respect, encouragement, and compassion that you want from other people.
  • Own your own massage table and fresh lin

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TranquilMe provided excellent service. They delivered beyond my expectations. My pre-natal massage helped me cope with my painful pregnancy. Thank you so much guys!

- Chelsea, Brighton

I was ecstatic about trying the service. I needed refloxology massages for my hands and feet because I'm a gardener. Providing outdoor service taxes the body so much. I received exactly what I wanted.

- Thomas, Macomb

I wasn't expecting a swedish massage to be so soothing. Thanks so much!

- Jacob, Centerline

Deep tissue massage are my go-to option for the back breaking construction work I do. These guys and girls just know how to get in there and break the knots. I will use them again.

- Harold, Detroit


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