Chances are you probably know someone who enjoys ASMR videos and might even have recommended that you watch some to relax or help you sleep. If you search ASMR on YouTube, you’ll be met with millions of results, many of them with millions of views each. The content? People whispering, getting massages, their bones cracked,
The Simple Guide to Transcendental Meditation
You’ve probably heard about transcendental meditation before, or if you were unlucky, had someone try to explain it to you in a confusing, half-understood manner. The name itself might come off a little intimidating for some people; the technique, however, is quite simple if you know where to look, despite what the idea around it
Stress and Anxiety How to Differentiate and Overcome Them
Stress and anxiety are sometimes used interchangeably by people who either suffer from one or both of them, and while overlap between them does exist, their causes and effects are different, and to properly overcome each one, it’s important that you learn what these differences are and how to identify them. While both are a

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