How Massage Therapy Helps in Treating Lower Back Pain
A lot of people are still pessimistic about massage therapy being an alternative to health care. Most of them believe that all the positive benefits that one gets from a massage are just products of the placebo effect. However, pieces of evidence are still existing that can prove the effectiveness of back massage techniques in
How To Combat Social Media Stress
Your phone buzzes upon getting a new notification, a direct message from a friend, or an alert about a new video. You check to see who liked your photo, then switched to YouTube. After that, you respond to that friend who texted to see how you’re doing even if you just saw him this afternoon.
Why Massage Therapists Are So In Demand Right Now
Many retirees consider massage as a form of preventive care, so it’s unsurprising why a lot of people consider massage therapy as a long-term career. In fact, statistics show that massage therapists are expected to grow by 20 percent in 2020, making it one of the fastest growing occupations. Massage therapy isn’t exactly considered a

You’re A Step Away From Total Tranquility