The Simple Guide to Transcendental Meditation
You’ve probably heard about transcendental meditation before, or if you were unlucky, had someone try to explain it to you in a confusing, half-understood manner. The name itself might come off a little intimidating for some people; the technique, however, is quite simple if you know where to look, despite what the idea around it
Common Myths About Meditation and Some Tips!
Meditation is a way to boost your mental health, reduce stress, help with chronic pain, and build a new perception of the world around us. But even with all these well-known benefits, there are still a lot misunderstandings going around about what this ancient practice can do for human health and wellbeing.   Here are
Effective Calming Mantras to Keep You Relaxed
People are faced with a lot of stressors on a daily basis. The American Institute of Stress found out that almost 80% of Americans admit to having experienced both physical and psychological effects of stress. These include body pain, fatigue, forgetfulness, disorganization, and frustration. Fortunately, some techniques do not require a huge amount of time

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