Great Massage Tips for Relieving Your Own Stress

One of the saddest things we all have to deal with in this world is the pain. And, yes, emotional pain can take a toll on you, but what we’re talking about here is the physical pain or exhaustion that hits us before the day ends, reminding us that we’re not invincible and we have to take it slow once in a while.

A lot of things contribute to suddenly having pain in different parts. You could just be texting and find out a few minutes later that you’ve strained your neck and back. There’s also this sad office life where we have to sit for almost eight hours every day, prohibiting the body from mobilizing, then ending up with a strained back and stiff shoulders. Or you’ve been standing nearly the whole day, doing hard labor, and overworked your body.

These are all bad, and what you have to remember is that pain needs attention.  Stop with the pain pills and go get a massage instead. If not, then give yourself a massage! Here’s how.


Back/Shoulder Pain

This is the best type of massage for lower back pain especially for those who sit in front of their desks all day. It’s basic massage techniques that eliminate the need for a partner, and you can do so by using a tennis ball. Simply lay on the floor and place the tennis ball near the area where it hurts. Roll the tennis ball until you hit the area that needs massaging, then stay in this position for up to five minutes.


If your job requires you to stand up for most of the day, or maybe you’re an athlete, or you simply managed to strain your feet — foot pain is the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Give yourself a foot massage by using the tennis ball trick again.

This time, make sure you hold onto something to keep your balance. First, place the ball on your heel, then throw your weight completely onto the ball. Roll the ball slowly from your heel all the way to the toes. Spread your toes wide when the ball reaches it. Repeat the same thing on the other foot. If you don’t have a tennis ball, a golf ball or a soup can will do.


A lot of adults complain about aching hands, and while we all think the pain will go away on its own, sometimes our hands need a little help. Giving your hands and wrists a little workout during breaks could lessen the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome pain due to irritated nerves.

Although there are are many ways to give your hands a self-massage, you can start by holding one of your hands up with the palm facing outward. Using your other hand, pull the fingers back until you feel your wrist stretching. Stay in that position for three to five seconds, and repeat the process on your other hand.

A simple hand massage can also be done by spreading your fingers wide. That’s it. Simply open your palms and stretch those aching fingers for about five minutes.

Stretch Those Sore Muscles!

Taking a break to do mild stretches can also ease the pain acquired from staying in one position for hours on end. You don’t need any tools to do this. Simply stand up and stretch your back until you feel relief, or walk around your workplace to help your blood circulate properly.

Note that mild massages and stretches only work for temporary pain brought about by the sprain. If the pain becomes chronic, it is best to see a professional.

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