How Massage Therapy Helps in Treating Lower Back Pain

A lot of people are still pessimistic about massage therapy being an alternative to health care. Most of them believe that all the positive benefits that one gets from a massage are just products of the placebo effect.

However, pieces of evidence are still existing that can prove the effectiveness of back massage techniques in alleviating pain and improving one’s well-being. In fact, all over the world, an increasing number of people find massage therapies as effective and soothing.

Here are some facts about back massage therapy techniques and how it reduces pain:

  1. Recent studies prove that massage therapies reduce lower back pains. Others also show that those undergoing these therapies feel only short-term pain compared to people who depend primarily on medication.
  2. Swedish massage and other massage therapies can relieve people from the pain of osteoarthritis. It is said that an hour worth of massage every week is good for patients who are suffering from stiffness and pain.
  3. Massage therapies bring relaxation. Major killer diseases like heart problems, stroke, and hypertension are in a hype nowadays, and massages can improve your blood circulation, normalize your blood pressure, and relieve you from stress.


Massage Therapy and Lower Back Pain

You may have experienced lower back pain at least once in your life. The worst part is, this type of pain could strike without warning. One morning you wake up and getting out of bed seems like a heavy chore. Then you start thinking about what you did the previous day.

Did you overwork yourself in the garden? Grabbed something too high you stretched your back? Did you lift something heavy? Or maybe you were too tired you managed to put yourself to sleep in a very awkward position. Whatever the reason for your back pain is, we all know it could render you pretty much unproductive for the rest of the day.

Most people would resort to calling a doctor, take pain medication, or maybe use a heating pad. But remember that a doctor could only associate your back pain along with other illnesses, such as flu, colds, and advice you to take a rest. If you need to address the pain directly, it’s high time you visit a massage therapist.  


Managing Lower Back Pain

What drives a lot of people to visit a massage therapist is actually because of lower back pain. If you visit a professional massage therapist, you guarantee yourself of a person who has received the right education on anatomy, and primarily how our muscles respond to massage.

Through the years, different studies have been published regarding the positive effects of massage therapy when it comes to back pain. One of the most significant, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, documented how massage therapy helped individuals with chronic back pain deal with their condition. After ten sessions, the participants testified to have had relief for at least six months.

The experiment brought in over 400 people with chronic lower back pain, divided into two categories: no massage and those who received a structural massage or Swedish massage. Those who didn’t receive any form of massage continued with their usual pain medication, while those who received massaged showed improvement, with some of them living their lives without the traditional way of addressing lower back pain.

If you have been suffering from lower back pain for a long time now and you don’t have any serious medical condition, set an appointment with your local massage therapist. This could be your way out of chronic lower back pain.

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