Why Massage Therapists Are So In Demand Right Now

Many retirees consider massage as a form of preventive care, so it’s unsurprising why a lot of people consider massage therapy as a long-term career. In fact, statistics show that massage therapists are expected to grow by 20 percent in 2020, making it one of the fastest growing occupations.

Massage therapy isn’t exactly considered a part of traditional medicine; it’s a form of alternative or complementary medicine. However, the demand for massages has grown exponentially over the years, forcing aspiring massage therapists to seek out a certification before looking to get employed.

Attending a Massage Therapy School

While it may sound silly to you to get accreditation in some sort of newly established massage school if you’re a masseuse with an existing clientele and an established company, there’s a lot of advantages you can gain from attending and graduating these so-called massage academies.

It’s also understandable why the government would move to regulate practitioners of the field. With a high-demand for masseuses, comes the need to sort out who is the legitimate therapist and who are just scammers with zero training and a lot of chutzpah. To the point that even though they leave a lot of customers unsatisfied with their work, they still make manage to turn a profit. Scammers are less likely to succeed if there are laws that set up some massage standard for everyone to follow.

Many masseuses depend on their therapy positions to deal with most of their living expenses (bills, food, shelter, enc.) and lack time to acquire accreditation since they’re already considered by their clients as top massage therapists already, license or no license.

For people who don’t have much time and money to spend on schooling, it is best that you consider schools with flexible payment options, scholarships, and flexible hours to suit your needs. You can even get work exchange, loans, and affordable payment deals by some schools out there. Then again, if it’s accreditation that the state wants, it’s certainly preferable to just take a test instead of acquiring a massage therapy diploma.


Why Massage Therapists Are In Demand

As massage therapy continues to be more popular than ever, so too does the need for these professionals. And the demand is no joke, showing no signs of decreasing in the future. Below are the reasons why more massage therapists near me sought after this position.


Massage Therapists Have Garnered Respect

For years now, massage therapy has slowly earned increased institutional respect. In fact, corporations and businesses now include massages as an incentive or benefit of their workers. Some health insurance companies have also started to cover massage therapy, which goes to show that although it’s not traditional medicine, it has earned the trust of many people.


Health Benefits

We all know that a massage is both a relaxing and rewarding experience, but apart from its soothing effects, studies have shown that massage therapy has medical benefits, including decreasing a person’s stress levels. A massage can also boost lymphatic circulation and lower the level of cortisol in the body, which translates to a stronger immune system.


Aging Demographics

The average lifespan of a human being has continued to increase over the years, creating an aging population problem. Baby boomers are now in their retirement age, and not a lot of people are planning to have babies. The American population is older than it’s ever been, which means there is a significant demand for wellness services — massage therapy being one of them.

So if you’re planning to be a massage therapist, you will find that this profession is both financially and personally rewarding regardless of your specialty and will continue to do so for years to come.


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